Dividing by Zero (ai_no_megami) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dividing by Zero

Another solution to cleaning the DivaCup holes

I just joined the group - my first post.  Hooray!  (And I've been a happy DivaCup user since last summer.)

Anyhow, I found a way to clean out the holes in the DivaCup without enlarging them, but still getting them really clean.  Presenting:

Oral-B SuperFloss

It's designed to get into spaces with tricky dental work, like bridges.  So it has a small end that can be easily threaded through the DivaCup holes, and after you pull that through there's a puffy part that will clean the holes thoroughly.

The downsides are:

1.)  It's expensive for dental floss

2.)  You have to throw it away.  It doesn't create a whole lot of trash, but it might deter some people.

Regardless, I've made cleaning the holes with SuperFloss part of my DivaCup cleaning routine.  It's a little odd, but I hope this helps someone out!
Tags: cleaning, divacup

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