sim_tastic (sim_tastic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Day with Diva

I had written up a whole post but somehow I lost it, so here is the short version:

Used my diva for the first time w/ period today.  Saw some spotting after I first put it in, took it out after 1/2 hour, and there was blood on the outside of the cup.  Put it back in and it was ok for about eight hours, other than cramps (which was weird cause I usually don't get them)  After eight hours there was more spotting.  I had some trouble getting it out, I couldn't get my finger high enough to break the seal.  I pushed, but I'm not sure if it broke or not, because the cup wasn't any easier to remove. 

My questions:  
-Why the spotting?  I'm not sure if my cervix was in the cup, as you all talk about, but I'm fairly sure the cup was open and in correctly.
-Is it possible the cup is causing the cramps?  Is there any way to avoid this?
-Any other suggestions on how to break the seal?  And on how to not spill the contents of the cup?  And on removal in general?
Tags: first time use
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