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First period with cup almost over - conclusions

So, my first period with the Divacup/Mooncup is just about finished.

1. At the moment, the Divacup seems to work better for me. Insertion is not a problem, removal was ok after a bit of practise. It sits low so I can easily reach it. The Mooncup rode up higher and I had problems breaking the seal. I think I'll give it another try sometime, when I'm more familiar with the Diva.

2. The last two removals were painful. I couldn't get the cup to fold together, so when I pulled it out it was big and bulky and it really hurt me. And by "hurt" I mean I was sitting on the loo wailing. Not nice. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that there was hardly any blood? Like maybe it wasn't slippery enough for the cup to easily fold together when I break the seal.

3. My period has been shorter. Well, maybe I shouldn't say that because it's not completely over yet. But there's hardly any blood anymore, and because of 2. I've switched to pantyliners for the remaining time.

4. Speaking of pantyliners: I hope I'll be able to do without them in the future. This time, I used pantyliners as a back up, and every now and then there were spots on them (though the cup was never full).

5. I was so looking forward to measuring the amount of blood and taking notes, but eventually, there was hardly anything to measure. I emptied the cup three times a day, and on day 1 and 2, I was able to write something down. But since then, the amount of blood is hardly worth mentioning. It's really little, only covering the bottom of the cup.

6. Going by bus while wearing the cup is fun. I recommend sitting right above the wheels, lean back and enjoy your ride. ;-)
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