Elenita (elenita83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mooncup UK Making Me Bleed?

Hi everyone,

I got my Mooncup UK last week after ~6 months of using Instead cups. I definitely preferred using the Insteads to pads and tampons, but I was having some problems with leaking and I figured that a sillicone cup would be cheaper and better for the environment. This community was a great resource in helping me decide which cup to buy, so thanks for that.

Anyway, I've done a couple of dry runs over the past few days. Insertion has been pretty easy, but getting my Mooncup out is harder. The first time, I had real issues breaking the seal and I thought I was going to turn myself inside out. Tonight, breaking the seal was easier, but it still hurt--and I noticed a little blood on the inside, and there was also some other light bleeding.

I guess it's possible I started my next cycle a couple weeks early (and I put an Instead in just in case), but I think it's more likely that I did myself some (hopefully minor) damage. Any suggestions on how to break the seal in a gentler way, though? Pinching the bottom of my Mooncup and twisting doesn't seem to be working.

Thanks, all!

Edit (~4 hours later): I took out the Instead a few minutes ago and there's no more blood, so I unfortunately think it was caused by irritation. Never have I expected to be so disappointed by not getting my period early.
Tags: chafing/irritation, dry run, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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