tomorrowendy (tomorrowendy) wrote in menstrual_cups,


i have a Lunette [which i love!] and i boiled it for the first time today. i only left it in there for about 3 minutes because i was scared i would ruin it somehow [reading through previous posts i realized i have a small chance of doing so unless i accidentally let the water boil out]. i took it out and set it on a paper towel and let it dry. when i went to inspect it afterwards, i noticed that the surface of the cup was...rough. not smooth as it once was but more rough feeling. and it looked a bit discolored. is that supposed to happen? also, the cup also feels more stiff. it seems like if i were to bend it too much it would break. is there something wrong or am i just imagining things? haha

thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: cleaning - boiling

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