anna (whydoihavethis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

unusual pain with my diva

i'm having some unusual pain using my diva this month. i've had it for over a year now and i've never experienced anything quite like this, so i'm hoping someone here might have some advice!

tuesday night was the first day of my period. i had a pap earlier in the day (which went well), and inserted my diva like normal that evening. wednesday evening, i emptied it out in a rush, and kind of hurried when i put it back in. it started to feel really uncomfortable after a few minutes, so i ran back to the bathroom to readjust. by the time i got back to the bathroom, my entire vagina was throbbing and i decided just to take it out and use a pad. you know that feeling you get if you don't break the seal when you're taking it out? it felt like that, but while my cup was still in. i broke the seal and took my cup out hoping that would make it stop. it didn't. the horrible cervix-being-sucked-out-of-me feeling stayed for the next half hour, at least. i started to feel nauseous and light headed. the feeling went away after i laid down for a few minutes.

i've stuck to pads all day today figuring that i just made my cervix angry. i did try, however, to use a tampon about a half hour ago and was greeted with the same horrible, nauseous, dizzy feeling i had last night. instead of feeling the cervix pain, i got really crampy.

what the heck could this be? i've never experienced anything like this with my diva before. could using the diva so soon after my pap have started an infection? this is all very inconvenient and annoying. i miss using my cup.

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