Velvetfur (velvetfur) wrote in menstrual_cups,

losing cup down toilet...

Hi, I've just joined here this evening :) I used to have a Mooncup but lost it when it fell down the toilet, and that's what I want to ask you about. Well, mine was full, so that must have been why it slipped out of my fingers as the top of it popped out, and even though I was crouched over the toilet it bounced off the edge of the seat, spilling blood onto the floor and bottom of the door in front of me, eugh! I really thought it was only me that something like that would happen to, but an online friend recently told me about losing hers in the same way (although hers was empty) - has it happened to anyone else here, is it a common problem? Luckily I'd only done a wee at the time but I just couldn't see it anywhere, it had completely disappeared, must have gone into the pipe where I couldn't reach, so I had to flush it away - gutted! I paid a lot of money for that, and I loved it! I haven't replaced it yet, and was thinking of that Keeper thing, but after reading through the memories on here I don't really like the sound of it and will probably get another Mooncup instead. Does anyone know any way of guarding against slippage/falling into toilet? I'm hesitant about getting another one in case it happens again!

Also I read in the memories about cups going up too high inside - I had that problem at first with the Mooncup and was really scared, thinking I might never be able to get it back out! I emailed the help section on the Mooncup website, and just 2 days later I got a reply from a nurse on there saying she was very sorry to hear of my 'rising problem' if anyone has any problems with a Mooncup that's not listed in here, I recommend emailing them as they're very nice and helpful and quick to respond :)

Nice to meet you all, btw ^_^

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