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Issues with first IUD period with Diva

Ok so I had my IUD inserted in january, but I waited to use my cup until this cycle. I just wanted to share what happened just so other people know in case they're wondering about it too. Short summery of the story: only having a 1oz cup to catch your flow can really show you how much your flow has increased!

So before I got the IUD, I would have the standard cycle, 2-3oz, I could always go 12 hours before changing the cup, if not longer, and had never had any leaks. Since getting my IUD, I've been using cloth pads, so it's hard to compare the amount of flow that way. So anyways, this weekend I was at my parents house and my period came the day before I left to go home so I brought my Diva with me and had been using it fine for the first two days of my cycle (thurs-fri).

Friday night, I emptied the cup around 11:30 and went to bed. I was sleeping and had my parents' dog in the room with me, and she wakes up when my parents get up and wants to play, so saturday morning at 6:30am, I wake up to the excited noises and tail wagging of our black lab, and I half asleep got out of bed just to let her out of the room and as I was walking to the door I noticed this wetness feeling in my crotch. I wasn't wearing underwear but I was wearing pajama pants, but no back up. I get the dog out of there and fortunately at my parents' house I have a private bathroom so I dodged in there and whipped off my pants to discover all of this blood on my upper thighs streaming down my legs. I clean up a bit and take out the cup and it is completely full and a whole bunch of extra blood is spilling out of me too. So in about 7 hours,  I guessed that I had discharged anywhere between 1.5oz and 2oz - so almost what I would usually do in an entire cycle.

So I shocked my parents coming upstairs at 6:30 on a saturday morning with my sheets and pajama pants telling them "I had an accident..." But throughout the rest of the day I was so aware of my cycle. I emptied the cup again at 9am, 1pm, 5pm and once again before bed and it was about 1/2-3/4 full each time. I'm guessing that for this cycle my total flow has been probably 5-6oz. It's pretty intense. I kind of want to keep a journal next cycle each time I empty my cup to see how full it actually is!

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