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Diva Cup versus Moon Cup

So, I've been using my Diva Cup (model 1 for 30+) for well over a year and thought it about time I purchased a new one. Here are my only qualms with it:
1. Those little holes along the rim are hard to clean. What's their purpose?
2. I like the width, but the length seems too long for me.
3. I like that I can boil it... 'cause I do that a lot.
4. Is there NOTHING I can do to prevent it from changing color, over time?

Based on these factors, I'm considering getting the Moon Cup (model A) because it's shorter and made of surgical-grade silicone. I was initially hoping it would have no holes (like the Diva) but stumbled across this entry in the memories, in which one commenter wrote: "Plus, cleaning of the holes (which is important) is much easier with Mooncup (on Diva, they are tiny and obliquely)"

So... the questions that remain:
1. Everyone keeps referring the the "UK" version of the Mooncup. I found this at Is it the same thing?
2. So, if it has holes, too (like the DC), what are the holes for? Are they really easier to clean than the DC?
3. I've also consistently read in this community that the Moon Cup is a "softer" silicone. Will I still be able to boil it as frequently (without hurting it) as my DC (usually about 3 or 4 times per cycle)?
4. Is there anything to do to prevent discoloration, over time, with the clear silicone?

Thanks in advance for your comments/advice.
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, mooncup (uk)
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