Sara (sarasnee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lower Positioning = Success?

Today was the first day I used my Mooncup UK and it didn't suck up and to the left around my cervix (where it leaks). I wore it for four hours for the first time without leaking. For once I think it was actually open all the way, which leads me to my concern: I think that my pubic bone is low and ends up in the way. I look at the diagrams for cups and it seems like they tuck down in the lowest area of the vagina below the bone...

Anyway, does anyone wear theirs below the pubic bone? Any ideas as to how to get the cup to open up all the way with the bone in the way? That's definitely been my issue. Oh, and it still works its way up and lets out air every once in a while. Still, some progress is always good right? :)
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