Slateblue (slateblue) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Collecting lube remains with my Diva Cup

Just an experience I wanted to share: I use lots of lube with my dildo, which feels great while I'm masturbating, but it doesn't feel so great anymore when I've finished, put my clothes back on and the lube remains flow out of my vagina and soak my underwear. I used to wear pantyliners after dildo usage, but they get so wet so quickly that I feel like changing them every ten minutes.

So, today after having played with my dildo and getting dressed again, I thought: Why not take this as another opportunity to practise with my Diva Cup. I put it in to collect the remaining lube, and it worked perfectly! Now I'm really looking forward to my period which should start in about two days. I can't wait to finally use my cup for what it's been made for. :-)
Tags: dry run, success stories

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