aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in menstrual_cups,
aibell the quene

divacups and pads

Well, I just had a LEEP done last week so I can't insert anything in my vagina for about a month, so right now I am using pads. I HATE PADS! I haven't used them in years. [I've been using my divacup for about two years now, and used tampons the few years prior]

I feel like I am dripping everywhere and I'm so afriad of it staining my underwear/pants. Also I feel like I'm more crampy without my cup.

I miss my divacup.

So, does anyone who has used a cup and then resorted back to tampons or pads for whatever reason, do you think you feel more crampy as well? I wasn't sure if it's just the nervousness of bleeding everywhere and the uncomfortableness of the pads' making me crampier, who knows.

It's a weird feeling, feeling drippy all the time and nothing but a flat pad to catch it all. Blah. Also worry about bleeding everywhere at night as well, so many worries now that I have to use pads instead. My divacup was virtually worry-free lol. Yay divacups. Boo pads.
Tags: cramps, pads - disposable

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