Amy (amythegoof) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First insertion with IUD + back rub = weird shooting pains

Ok, so I got my copper IUD inserted Jan 29th, and I just started my period last night and decided that I was ready to try my Diva again, cuz I miss it greatly. Right after I put it in, my boyfriend starts to fulfill his part of our massage bargain and sits on my bum to massage my lower back. After about a minute, I got this weird pain that felt to run through my uterus but also down my tailbone to my pubic bone. I can't think of how to discribe it... I want to say shooting pains, but it felt pretty constant.

Anyways, i went to the bathroom and carefully took out my cup and checked my strings and they were fine. I tucked them back up behind my cervix, trimmed the stem of my cup so that I could wear it a little lower and put it back in and since, everything's been fine. I've emptied it once this morning and the strings were still all good.

I suspect that maybe my cervix was in the cup a bit, and then my boyfriend's weight on my lower half sort of compressed the cup on my cervix causing the pain. Does this make sense/sound like something that could happen? Or would it be something else? Could bad bad things have been caused from this happening???

PS - other than that one moment of bad pain, SO HAPPY to be using my cup again instead of cloth pads, Oh Diva, how I've missed thee!!!
Tags: iud

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