molly (praeclarus) wrote in menstrual_cups,

smaller size Lunette - release date :o)

I emailed the Lunette company inquiring about the smaller size Lunette, and here is the email I received in response a few hours ago.

Dear Angelica,
Thanks for your mail!
You have heard right, we will release a new smaller cup in this month. The first lot will be in our retailers shops within next week. The smaller cup is much smaller and designed for young girls who have just started their periods and may be virgins. For heavier flow and for women over 20's we still recommend the bigger Lunette cup.
Kind regards,
Heli Kurjanen

She specified that the smaller size is for virgins/teens. I guess since I'm 20 and recently not a virgin, the smaller size isn't for me anyway!
Tags: lunette, sizes/size issues, virginity
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