indira_rose2 (indira_rose2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

my first cycle and it's going great!!

Finally i have my cycle for a few days now. yay!! So this is my first cycle with my cups.
When i expected my period, i used the mooncup UK, i didn't ware a backup, because i had faith in the cup and my knowledge ;-).
The second day of wearing it, there was a little brown flow in it, it was all in the cup, nothing in my underwear.
The third day, there was nothing so i knew that the day after that ,my period would start. I began to use the Lunette then.
It was necesary to cut the stem all of because it was bothering me. After that i couldn't feel the cup at all.

Now i'm on my heavy-days and also don't wear a pad as backup. It's not leaking at all! I only have to empty it after 6 hours of wearing it (minimum), i could even wait a little bit longer!

It's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!  Normally, my heaviest days are sooo hateful !! Now it's just a joy.

Now that i officially use my lunette and the mooncup, i can say that they are both very great! There are very comparable in feeling.
The lunette is a slightly bit more stiff, but it goes in and out great. Inside i can't feel it at all.

hooray for me and my cups and for you all, i learned a lot by reading here!


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