Foolish Heart (andijustsmile) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Foolish Heart

The joy of sharing the knowledge :P

I was a tampon user for a long time (start of my cycles until my first baby was a good year + old) and then a cloth pad user. Cloth pads were good, but they gave me the feeling of being "dirty" because there was blood sitting next to my skin. So a menstrual cup seemed like the next logical step. Then I got pregnant again :P

So I had my first real postpartum period at the beginning of last month. I was caught a little off guard, as I wasn't expecting it back until at least babe was 6 months old due to exclusive breastfeeding. I was planning on having a divacup purchased before it came back. Luckily, I found that they are sold in some local stores... London Drugs being one of them! So I bought one.

It went OK... I don't think the C fold is working for me (it doesn't pop open well), so I'll be trying some others. It was a relatively leak free period, which made me a happy camper. Kind of made up for getting my period back so soon.

So I've been raving to anybody who will listen about the Diva Cup, and various other menstrual cups. Surprisingly enough... I've only ever gotten the reaction of "Oh really? That is neat!" and wanting to know more.
One very mainstream friend of mine has actually decided to buy one before her next cycle starts! Her partner even thought it was a neat idea. (Which I thought was super cool... mine is squicked out by it.)
A local health nurse was interested and decided to do some research and possibly add it the menstrual options section they teach in Jr High health classes. Hopefully her boss "approves" it. I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea to teach young girls about the alternative menstrual options available to them... expecially one with so much less potential for embarrassment. :p

I can't even explain how happy it makes me to be sharing the menstrual cup love without getting stared at like I'm crazy :P
Tags: activism, first time use
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