bookworm_chanty (bookworm_chanty) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I just finished my second cycle with the Diva and it went like a charm! It never leaked during the day! It is unheard of for me not to stain at least one thing during the whole thing but this time, nothing! Woot! Even of my heavy flow day although I had to empty the cup every 2-3 hours. There was only a little leaking during the night but I wore pads in addition to the cup then and it was only very little leaking :)

I'm so happy! Tampons never worked right for me and we all know how uncomfortable pads get after an hour or so :|

I can't imagine going back to full time pads now that I worked through the insertion problems I had during my first cycle with it :D It's so comfortable and I trust it more than I ever trusted the pad or tampons!
Tags: success stories
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