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Fit issues after child birth

Hi all,
I just joined up and am so happy to have a crew of experienced cup users to ask a question. I checked the memories and can't find anything about fit after child birth.
FIRST OF ALL...I was a devoted Diva cup wearer before I got pregnant. I was so devoted that I think I have converted at least 5 or 6 of my friends and relatives. They love the Diva too.
SO....then I got pregnant and was blessed with the cutest little man alive. I didn't get my period back for a full year (yeah, exclusive breastfeeding!!). Now that I have it back I ordered the size 2 Diva after trying my size one and having a very low and uncomfortable fit.
WELL....I got my size 2 and am having the same fit problems. The first time I put it in it felt good like old times, but then when I went to take it out it wasn't working! Then I paid more attention to insertion and it seems as if the only time I can get it to work is if it's actually hanging out a centimeter or two!!! It is not comfortable and I can feel it on my panty liner all day long. Before the baby I felt like my cup sat pretty high up while it was in, now I feel like it's so low. How could my vagina have shortened that much?

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or has gone through the same thing after having a little one. It really is like starting all over again I guess. Do I need to do a bazillion kegels, am I just not pushing up far enough, did my uterus tip, what's up? I want to love the Diva again so much!
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