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hello community,

i was wondering if any of you out there had used two or more different menstrual cup products, if you would recommend on over the other, and if noticed any pros/cons specific to each of those products?

i started using Instead softcup about 2.5 years ago, and for a while it was Great. but during my last 3-4 cycles, i've been having trouble with the softcups; they no longer stay under the pelvic bone properly -- popping out out several times a day. on light days i can't/have trouble inserting the cup properly (even if i lubricate the rim beforehand), and on my heavy days the cups are becoming especially leaky & messy. it's uncomfortable and nerve wracking, and i've had to start using liners (ugh!) as back up.

these new problems are probably 'cuz my body is changing a bit (eventho i’ve never had kids) as i approach my thirties, but before i buy a non-disposable cup, i thought i'd ask for some advice. Instead only comes in one size, and it seems that size isn't suitable for me any longer. :(

thanks so much for your thoughts.
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