goth_kittykat (goth_kittykat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

day 1 and i'm leaking/not leaking again

i've had my diva cup for 6 periods now and i started my 7th yesterday. this issue has happened more than once and i want to figure out what to do!

i just put it in last night. i rotated it so i know it's in right. well when i go to use the restroom a couple of minutes ago, i notice as i am peeing a small splurt of blood goes in the same fashion as my pee.

then i notice as i whip myself that the toilet paper has blood on it. yet there's none of my panties yet. but i know if i put my hands there to feel it, that i get blood on my hands. when i pull out my cup it's not full i don't think it's leaking.

what am i doing wrong, or why is it doing this? it's done this more than once for me! does this mean i need a bigger cup and should try the mooncup or the keeper instead? if so do you know if i could possibly get a refund for the diva cup or do you think i'm just going to have to throw it away and get the other one?

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Tags: leakage & spotting
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