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i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm nearing the end of my very first cycle with my divacup and i've never been so sad to see my period end.

when i first heard about the menstrual cup i was pretty disgusted.  i'd mention it to my girlfriends and we'd laugh at how gross it was.  i don't know what exactly made me crack but i decided to dive in and do my homework (this community alone is a great resource) - and the rest is history!

now i'm bursting to tell all girls everywhere, but it can be awkward; the idea of the cup is met mostly with disgust, but sometimes when you're lucky, with ambivalence.  i want all girls out there to know that there IS an alternative to tampons (and pads) and it's not disgusting/just for "tree-huggers," and moreover that disposable pads and tampons generate TONS of waste.

    hilarious tampon links:
    - "I LOVE TAMPONS" thread on a girly magazine forum.  a HILARIOUS read.  some girls are talking about tampons like they're a fashion accessory.
    - tampon dolls, because not only are they ironic in terms of this community, but they're also ironically cute/charming.

i propose that we all put stickers proclaiming menstrual cups on the lid of every "sanitary bin" in every public bathroom.
Tags: activism, tampons
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