wanderingstars9 (wanderingstars9) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm on my 3rd cycle with the Diva Cup now.  The first one was tricky with ups and downs and learning, the second cycle was perfect- I got it in all the time, it would open, suction was perfect.. everything was great and I fell in love.

This month is a complete failure so far.  I can't even get it to open.  I do the punch down fold and I put it in there and it doesn't open, or I tighten my muscles a little bit and they just push the cup right out of my vagina, all the way out.  Or I'll get it in, it opens, but not all the way, doesn't suction, and leaks all over the place.  I'm so frustrated!  I don't know what I did differently last month to make it work fine.

I've heard that the Mooncup UK is generally easier to work with... should I maybe switch to that?  Any advice on how to get it to open, how to get good suction?  I've already tried turning it when it's on there, with no luck- I turn it and the parts that are squished just move too, rather than open properly.  I love the cup when I can do it right but it's so frustrating right now.
Tags: teething troubles
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