Jackie Calypigia (ldy_shadow) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Jackie Calypigia

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Oooh, interesting!

So, I've had many a successful cycle with my mooncup uk. I'm very pleased with it. I've been debating naming it.


This cycle I've noticed that my Vagina is very very loose. Like, I keep nearly loosing my cup, it's sliding out. I do my standard fold, insert, stir, twist, and it slides it's way down, causing leakage on it's way.

Anyone else experience occasional overly-relaxed Vagina?


I was just putting it back in, (I use the origami fold for reference,) and it popped open and WHAM! Hit my g-spot. Nothing like a little Orgasm in the morning to really get the blood flowing. (Pun 100% intended. I haven't slept in 48 hours.)

So yeah, anyone else ever experience a pop-open orgasm?

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