mcfarling (mcfarling) wrote in menstrual_cups,

camping and period

hey this is my first post! so i am going camping in the next week or so, and of course the period is a comin'!!!!! i have just started using the diva cup, and so far easy as pie.  i just wanted to know what kind of tips you ladies have for camping with the diva cup. also how to dispose of the contents of the cups while out in the middle of no where. is it kosher to dump menstruation in the woods? (i don't think it is, but i would like to know for sure).  also i will be camping with all boys. although i am comfortable telling everyone about my bleeding every month,  the guys on the other hand are a bit grossed out. being guys i just don't think they would understand the complications that go along with period and camping. so any tricks that are fairly uncomplicated would be great. thanks so much.
Tags: camping & backpacking

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