Jayse (blitzkid196) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pooping (BM) helped seal?

Hey everybody!

This is my first cycle with a cup (Diva Cup).  The first day I had it in I wore it overnight, and everything was fine; no leaking, nothing, it was perfect!  But, the second day was a lot more trouble.  It kept leaking, and it got very frustrating having to go to the bathroom to fix it ever 45 min!  Today (the third day) was a little better; I wore a pad with it just to be more comfortable.  When I got home from school I had a bowel movement and put the cup back in.  I think the seal has been better ever since.  Has this happened to anybody else?  Or does this even make any sense?  I havn't noticed any leaking since I put it in last.  I would be so happy if this turned out to be the case!  I would hate to have to switch to another type of cup (I'm quite cheap :) )

thanks for all your help, and this site has already been extremely helpful for me.
Tags: bowel movements, divacup, leakage & spotting, seal & suction
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