Awara Hoon (molosser) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Awara Hoon

Cup suctioned to cervix and stuck behind pubic bone!

Re: my previous post--the seal is obviously not a problem!

I guess the subject of this post says it all. I put the cup in again after having worn it overnight. As soon as I put it in, it sucks itself way up to the top of my vaginal canal, with my cervix inside it. I'm trying to get it out now, but the rim is firmly stuck behind my pubic bone. I bear down, and the cup comes low enough when I grasp it to start pulling it out, but the suction is so great that it won't budge, even when I continue bearing down. The rim is too high up--I cannot get a finger over it. The suction won't break when I squeeze the cup--the cup feels taut with air like a balloon, and when I squeeze it feels like my cervix is so far inside it that I cannot squeeze enough air out of it to break the seal. This also rules out pressing on the side of the cup to break the seal/get the diameter smaller so the cup can get past the pubic bone. I don't think I am bleeding enough now for the amount of flow itself to break the seal. This is a Moon Cup US, so the holes are really tiny.

So now I am scared for mu IUD, since the cup seems so sucky and rides so high. I am concerned that waiting a few hours or relaxing won't help any since the damn thing is hooked on my pubic bone. Any advice? And do you think it'd work to somehow enlarge the holes in the cup, or use a nail file to get more texture on the bottom of the cup so my fingers slip less (if I ever get it out...)? Maybe I just need a smaller cup?
Tags: dry run, iud, keeper moon cup, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sizes/size issues
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