Awara Hoon (molosser) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Awara Hoon

How open is -open-?

I got a Moon Cup (US) a couple of months ago, but I haven't had a "real" period yet. I'm just now coming off Depo-Provera--had my last shot in November--so I haven't menstruated since, like, 2000 or something. I got a copper IUD inserted about two months ago. I used the Moon Cup successfully for the spotting I had immediately post-insertion, but the amount of blood was nothing that would challenge a menstrual cup.

My question is this: I can get the cup in fine, so far as I can tell. I cannot feel it at all, and when I slide my fingers around the circumference of the cup, there are no gaps or folds. It's definitely below my cervix. The cup is still flattened out, however. It's not round--it hasn't returned to any semblance of its non-inserted shape--but it seems to be sealed. Should the cup retain its round opening when it's inside you, or does it count as "open" so long as there are no gaps around the edge? I got the larger size cup since I'm over 30, but I'm nulliparous. Should I have gotten the smaller size? Or am I OK with my elliptical seal?
Tags: dry run, keeper moon cup, popping open
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