laurensellscorn (laurensellscorn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey, Lunette users!

I'm new here, and super happy to report that I'm not new to menstrual cups. I initially went for the small Divacup because of the guarantee and because it seemed more popular, and I'm pleased to say it works well! However, my first choice was actually Lunette, but I didn't want to spring for it sans guarantee until I was absolutely sure menstrual cups work for me. I've heard it holds more fluid, is a lot easier to clean, comes with prettier packaging (that damn diva bag BROKE!), and has less suction. I gotta say, the small Diva might as well just suck my insides out.

Anyway, right to the point; I ordered a Lunette! But, I'm in California, and ordered it from Finland, so was sort of wondering how long it'll take to get here? I have a little more than a week till my period, and my Diva will do fine, but I'm just so excited to try this one out!

Any experiences?
Tags: cup pouch & storage, lunette
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