indira_rose2 (indira_rose2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

my dry run with mooncup UK

I have a mooncup UK and did some dry runs.
The first time was a little bit scary when i sat on the toilet ready to do it. But after a few attempts it went well. I had a good seal. I bearly couldn't feel it,... ( i've cut the stem to the last ridge)

When i was done with this first time, i wanted to do it again the other day, but the entrance of my vagina was a little irritated. So i couldn't try it because i wanted it to heal first.

Now, a week /one-and-a-half week later i did it again and started to feel this irritation again when the cup was inside me. I felt with my hand and fingers what the problem could be and yes: the stem!!! It was apparently still too long; so it cut it all of! Now it feels much smoother when i feel the bottom in my hand! I did the cup back in there and yes, that feels much softer!

I ordered a Lunette as well, because i've a heavy flow the first days. I think the mooncup can not keep up with that. I've got mail today that it was send. yay!! That means that i've got it before my menstruation ( at the end of the month).

I think that a Lunette for the heaviest days and a mooncup Uk for the other days including the *might days* are a super good solution! Thanks to a poster here for her comparisons and conclusion of the mooncup and the lunette.

so, done with my talking now.. 

EDIT:  o, just wanted to say that i'm really, really inlove with those cups!! I read a lot about it here and elsewere and that's my new favorite hobby! Now i'm dying to try them for real :-)

Tags: chafing/irritation, dry run, stem length/trimming
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