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Grandma with Diva Cup!

Hello everyone. I am not sure, but I may be an oldster here! My youngest daughter told me about the Diva Cup, and after looking at the web page I bought myself 2! What can I say? This is better than sliced bread! I only have a bit of trouble on day 2 of my flow, seems I need to empty the cup every 2 hours for about 20 hours because of heavy flow. Any suggestions on how to handle this besides sitting up all night? I have been using it for 2 months now.

I have told just about every woman in my town about this wonderful device! Some poor guys have had shell shock when I pull it out and show it to my lady friends! Guess it scares them or something, go figure! I am lucky to have a store near me that sells these little gems, so I am  referring them to my friends.

I am happy to join all of you here, and will be asking many questions.

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