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Well then. After being a little skittish of my Keeper Mooncup from a painful, aborted attempt to use it a few days ago (lost my grip just as the rim was in me, and it opened and formed a seal faaaaar to low. OW), I decided to give it a go again this morning.

Yey heavy flow = lubrication! Yey better grip! Yey forming a seal! No pain!

...holy suction, Batman! That thing is crazy!

So a few things I noticed:
Stem trimmed 1/2 down is quite comfortable.
I heard & felt the seal form. Both cool and weird.
I think...I'm tilted. Or something. Ever since I started my menses 17 years ago I've always bled off to the right side of the pads. My cup, once in and sealed, pointed directly to my right. I'd straighten it out, make the stem centered, and it'd tilt right back. So I quit mucking with it. At least I'm consistently right, right?

After a few hours I thought I'd check to see how much I'd filled, 'cause I have no idea how often I need to change yet. Dude. I do not know how you gals with no stem get these things out! My vag just kinda sucked this thing up and it was all I could do, with bearing down, to get my fingers gripping the stem to pull down enough to (finally, after much struggling) getting the bottom of the cup in grippable range. Breaking the seal was a b!tch. I heard & felt that, too. Annnndddd...then dropped the cup in the water. Butter fingers FTW!

So after all the finnagling I was kinda sore, so I washed & put it away for future tries. All & all not bad. I just need more practice and I think I'll love it.
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