megz18 (megz18) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time diva user

So I just got my diva cup a couple of weeks ago. When i ordered i was really excited and i wanted it before i went on a trip to hawaii, but it didnt come in on time. After i came back it came, but as the time came closer to my period i got nervous about using it.  I mean it looked so HUGE! Well my period started on friday and i just used pads and tampons because i was too nervous etc. But on saturday i had time so i thought i'd give it a try. Well I did the c-fold as they say on the packaging and well i got it in the first time! It took less than a minute to put it in and everything. 
I then went off to work, wearin a pad just in case i didnt put it in properly. Well after a while the cup moved a bit down and i could feel the stem. I couldn't put my legs together without it hurting. It was so annoying having that feeling down there and everything. I'm thinkin about cutting the stem off because its so annoying, but i'm nervous about doing that too. I mean there is no putting it back on once you cut it off. I dont use the stem when i remove it so i think tonight i'll cut it off.
But other than that.. and well removing it without releasing the seal.. it's been pretty easy to use!

Tags: divacup, stem length/trimming

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