Kwispy (kwispysknitting) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Here I go...

I just got my Diva Cup in the mail yesterday. I was a little surprised at how it was packaged, it was in a flat cardboard envelope, almost as wide as a cd. I wasn't alarmed for long, as soon as I opened the box the cup popped open right in the package. It wasn't in the cute little box that I have seen on their website, it was in a plastic bag kind of thing. I got a cute little storage bag and a pin (that I WILL wear. On EVERYTHING.) with it.

I opened it up and washed it off and practiced some of the folding techniques. I have heard about how stiff this particular cup is, but I didn't find it to be stiff at all. It's fairly pliable. I must have sat with this cup for over an hour admiring it. =) I eventually went into the bathroom and washed my hands, and proceeded to insert it using the "c" fold. I got it in there, but it didn't open up. I removed it and used the punch-down fold. I got it in there, but when I inserted my fingers to check the seal and to spin it around I realized it didn't go around my cervix. After a couple of tries I managed to get it to open up and surround my cervix. I wore it around for about 5 hours. I didn't feel the cup. I think I felt the stem. Every now and again there was a pinching sensation down there. I haven't trimmed the stem yet, I figured I had better get a little more practice in first. After about 5 hours I decided to tackle the task of removal. I was nervous about that part..I wasn't sure what to really expect, but I knew for sure I had to break the suction or there was going to be pain. Removal wasn't that big of a deal. I took my finger and thumb and pinched the bottom of it and pulled it out. It wasn't a big deal. I am not sure if there was a good seal or not because I didn't hear anything when I grasped it and pinched the heck out of the base and I didn't feel any pain at all. I think my dry run was a success.

I had a five hour dry run. My period started this morning. Excitedly ( I can't believe that I am actually EXCITED about my period!!) but carefully, I placed the Diva Cup in. It opened up, it's around the cervix, I spun it around and felt around it again to make sure it was open still. I guess today is the day I get to find out if I did it right. I am wearing a panty liner just in case. That pinchy feeling is back, I think the stem is going to go bye-bye a ridge at a time. I can't wait to take it out and see just how much I bleed!

EDIT: Yeah, the stem is gone now. I have just a little stub there. No more pinching for me!
Tags: first time use
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