sim_tastic (sim_tastic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which cup...

I just found out about menstrual cups, and this group.  I'm so glad you exist!

Anyway, down to the nittygritty:

After reading a lot of posts/websites/info, I've decided that I'm going to go with either Mooncup UK, Lunette or Diva Cup.  Originally I was thinking I'd go with Diva Cup, because they have that return policy.  Does anyone know how that actually works?  Does this sound like a terrible idea?

My next-favorite is the Moon Cup UK, because it seems (from what everyone says) to be perhaps maybe slightly better than Lunette, and (by my possibly flawed calculations) to be cheaper than Lunette.

Any suggestions/advice?  

(This will probably help:  I am in the "teen" age group [although not for much longer!], and in the "never had sex, never had a baby" group)

Thank you! 

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