chuckydarwin (chuckydarwin) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Anyone else use the mooncup US?

Hello Lovelies,
I am a former keeper user who recently switched to the mooncup US. I wanted to switch to a silicone cup because was getting yeast infections with the latex keeper, but I was really happy with the shape of my cup. So I opted for the mooncup US because it is the same shape as the keeper, but made out of silicone instead.

Anyways, I started my very first cycle with my new cup yesterday, and things are going really well, except I noticed something strange. Ya know how every other cup has holes around the rim so you can break the seal more easily? Well, mine doesn't have them. It makes removal a bit more challenging. No big deal, I just have to use a little more muscle to get it out, and its a little messy.
Strange though, I thought since my keeper had them, the mooncup would as well.

So, can anyone out there that uses the mooncup US please tell me if it is supposed to have holes or not? Just wondering if I got a defective cup or something.
Tags: keeper, keeper moon cup, removal

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