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Hi everyone.

I write this one month and something more ago, and i dont know i could not post so i leave it. I have tried it again and here i am. So i leave it but it's from 3rd march or so:

How are you doing? Im new here, and i've got my mooncup Uk 2 weeks ago. I tried a run dry and everything was good. i just needed a little more practise with removal. Today has been my day. My period has arrived and i've given a try to my new cup. I cut 2/3 of the strim but i think i'll cut all of it.

I try to be a sceptic person. I mean, i have read a lot of good reviews of the thing, and almost all of them were good ones, so i was a bit confused. I wanted to prove it for myself and i bought one.


Good Points:
Ecological advantages (this is what make me buy it )

You dont have to plan your day a cause of have to be putting and taking off tampons each 6 hours

Near here only tampax and ob are available. I was quite angry about it and then i found the cups and i could say the "goodbye capitalist bastards" as other member did :)

You dont need to feel the awful pads and things like that anymore

Neutral points:

For me is as comfortable as a tampon.

About cramps... what is the explanation of having less cramps using the cup than using a tampon? can anybody explain me? I think my cramps have more to do with vaginal movements so when i insert my cup i have a little cramp which last for 20 minutes or so (only the first day i hope, this is my first day).

About TSS (or in the correct order): i dont think this is really a problem with tampons. It's very unlikely getting it and if u change your tampon frecuently i think is difficult to get it. Anyway i think cups are worthwhile.

bad points: it really makes a bit of a mess... I dont like my fingers smelling of blood, and i think that you really end with blood in your fingers..

Anyway i'll tell you more...Maybe i have still to fall in love with my cup, because it is a process that last for at least 4 periods... ;)

One thing more... for that people who say that their vagina is small... I encourage you to try again, and remeber that natural selection makes your vagina more or less the same size as other woman vagina, there are no much difference between one and another (but all this is a theoreticall reason. I dont know anything about anatomy... it's the same reason the pennis are more or less the same size

Bye.. i'll tell you more


And now my current point of view:

I have used my cup for 2 months aready. My last period was quite crampful, i dont know if it's related to that but dont think so. Apart from that I love the cup. I have got more skills in removal, so everything is fine. I really think it's a good thing and i will try to inform other women about its existance and make them looking for some information. This community is really useful (if i hadn't have it im sure i would not have bought my mooncup.

Nothing more to add, be happy!

PS: sorry if i have made any strange, even worng, language structures, english is not my mother tongue. I hope this is at least "understable"
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