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Okay, I'm posting way too much. But it's good news this time! Honest!

I finally got my Divacup to go in! And work (dry run, no less)! Took 3 tries and copious amounts of KY, but I got it in (I'd like to hug whoever invented the origami fold). Special thanks to scien and guardiandragon for the tense/relax trick; that got me over my final hurdle. And I hugely appreciate all the feedback/input/encouragement from everyone, too. I love you girls. =D

Two questions I'd like to clear up...Cut for possible TMI.

My Diva isn't super high, but not super-close to my entrance; untrimmed stem is about 2 cm in. I've tried to push it higher but it slides back within 5 minutes. However, at this position the stem is just ever so slightly poke-y; not enough to be painful or uncomfortable, and actually I can't feel my cup about 90-95% of the time. Just that once in a while, it pokes, and I know it'd be fixed if I just trim my stem a bit. However, removing my cup today did require a couple of tugs on the stem (and bearing down, of course) before I reached the base. I know the cervix tends to shift depending on where in the menstrual cycle one's in, but do you find that the position of your cup shifts from run to run? I'm a bit wary of trimming my stem since I did need to use it somewhat today (even though it was super slippery and hard to get a grip), so I'm a bit scared that if I trim it it'd make reaching the base, and thus removal, more difficult, especially if later on when I'm actually on my period and the position of the cup might shift from where it is now.

[ETA] For what it's worth, my period just ended about...3-4 days ago; for the first time in my life I'm disappointed at that. I tend to be irregular, so I've no idea when the next one would be. I'm thus trying to get used to the cup by having a dry run every couple of days.

Also, in reading prior entries, I noticed a lot of people either stirred or rotated the cup to check the seal. My seal today was great, although I'm not sure if it was just serendipity. My vagina is accomodating enough, but the entrance isn't, and when I was trying to poke my fingers in to twist and check the seal I just slipped right off the stem. (Later on, I had to tug on the stem a few times--invoking the Suction of Doom--before I reached the base enough to grip it for removal, although I didn't know if it'd work the same way if I pulled it down, twisted it to check the seal, then push it back up.) My labia protested at all the foreign things poking around it. Since I couldn't even grip the base to twist it, poking a finger up beside the cup to stir it seemed even more out of the question. This time the origami seemed to pop open perfectly well without checking the seal; I didn't even feel it pop, but I think it opened nicely because when I was removing it, the suction felt like it was pulling me inside out, and I even managed to catch a bit of discharge in the end. But I'm not sure if it'd work just as well when my period actually comes without a more surefire method to check the seal. Is there another way to check it, or do any of you have any tips re: the stirring/rotating?

I only had the cup in for 2-3 hours and I think I fell in love with it already. =D So comfortable I could barely feel it! I literally got up and did a dance of victory around my bathroom when I finally got it in. Thanks so much to all of you! And I'd appreciate any further input.
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