beachbrawd (beachbrawd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I need help with my Diva Cup

This is my third month using the Diva Cup, I'm over 30 and have given birth so am using the larger size.  I don't seem to have any trouble with insertion, other than I usually have to "stir" or otherwise coax the cup to open.  I have trimmed the stem almost completely off because it just seemed to poke me all the time.  I push the cup so that it is completely inside of me, including the stub of the stem.  I give it a twirl and it spins easily.  If I pull on the cup, there is resistance, indicating that suction is working. The problem is that the more active I then am, the faster the cup seems to descend so that eventually it feels like it is about to pop out!  I don't have a problem with leakage.  Also, I can always feel the cup at the opening of my vagina, is this common to everyone else?  Does anyone have any guesses as to what my problem is or any solutions?  I am going to be persistent with this, even if it means trying another brand of cup.  Please help me figure this out!!
Tags: divacup, seal & suction

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