gerutha (gerutha) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Warts and the Mooncup

Hey all. I've recently developed a number of small bumps on my hands, specifically in a couple of small clusters on the first finge rof my right hand, though they appear slightly elsewhere. Several of the bumps have small darker centres, and they've been unprofessionally diagnosed as warts. (Read: that's what a friend suggested, and my subsequent googling has me agreeing.)

The question is whether I am likely to cause myself problems by continuing to use my menstrual cup with this hand?

From the information I have read, warts can be transmitted via skin contact, so presumably I could transmit the virus to other areas of my body, such as my vagina? (Or my boyfriend's penis when I see him again next week?) My knowledge of biology is rather limited, so I'm unsure as to whether I'm okay as I have the virus anyway, or whether the strain of virus won't lend itself to genital warts or...

I'd hate to have to stop using my cup! Especially if it takes years to clear warts up...

Any ideas?
Tags: health risks
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