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Newbie here!

I started my first period in almost 20 months today. Depo provera has not been kind to me. My last injection was over a year ago and it took starting the pill to get my period back. This particular pre-period time has not been fun.

My roommate mentioned the diva cup to me and told me that she was interesting in making that investment. I've used instead cups so I figured hey, why not. I've spent the last two days reading up on the entries here. You girls are the best. :)

I got my Diva about an hour ago. It was quick and easy to put in, no mess, opened right up and settled in nicely. I think the stem may be touching me but I'm not really sure as of yet because I only feel it sometimes.

One thing I will note for all you new people out there. For the love of all that's holy, cut your nails! Didn't occur to me till I tried to reach a finger around the rim to make sure it was open (by the way, the suction noise as it opens? A little weird). I think I pinched everything on the way to the rim. Now I know. Fingernails = bad.

Diva, I love you!
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