Shauna (perfectinpart) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I got it today!

I just got home from running errands and in my mailbox was my Diva Cup! It came a LOT faster than I expected it to. Ironically it came the day after my period ended. LOL. Great timing.

I did a dry run. It took me 4 tries before I folded it right. The origami fold was the winner! :-D I am not sure that it completely opened, though. I felt around the edges as best I could and it seemed open, and it also had some resistance when I tugged at the stem a bit. I walked around for like 15 minutes, and there was only slight discomfort from the stem, which I intend to cut off after a few more dry runs.

I'm just really excited it was successful. LOL. I swear it was going to be a huge mistake after reading a few peoples' frustrations, but it was great. I just want to practice a few more times before I get my period again, and I want to make sure it is completely open. I have time, though. Then before my period I'll cut off the stem and be good to go!

And it took less than a week to get here. WOW.
Tags: dry run

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