a dreamer like you (lutraphile) wrote in menstrual_cups,
a dreamer like you

help, my diva won't pop open

hello ladies! ♥♥

I just got my first chance to try a Diva cup (I ordered it from Lunapads when they were having a sale), and was super excited about it... well, I just CANNOT get it to open. I did my homework and tried 4 different folds. (C, 7, punch-down and origami.) I also tried positioning myself variously during the process. No matter what I do, it just suctions in on itself so that it's flat.

Please help me troubleshoot this! Should I be gripping it lower/higher? Letting go sooner/later? Standing on my head? What!!

And yeah, I *just* read in another post that Mooncups are generally easier to open. Greeeaaat, NOW I figure that out. :p Still, I'm not giving up on my Diva yet.

Thanks. :D

I got it! ...I think. It's less squashed than it was before, I can't feel my cervix, and I can *just* manage to turn it. (Hard to get a decent grip on the base.) I'll use backup tonight, and in the morning we'll see if it worked. Thanks so much!
Tags: divacup, popping open
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