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Divacup problems

first off, i would like to say that i believe the idea of menstrual cups is amazing. it's a wonder they havent been as popular [if not more] than conventional feminine products. i have been doing my part to spread the word as often as possible because i really do believe in this product. i think it's just great that the cup seems to work for so many women.

however, i do not think i am going to be one of them. i have read over this community and soaked up every piece of advice i can concerning removal and i am still having trouble. insertion is, after a few tries, manageable so i do not worry about that. even the fact that the stem pokes does not bother me that much [though i would like to trim it if only i werent so afraid it would make removal even more difficult]. i bear down, i wiggle the cup, i try different positions and i am still unable to get it out in under an hour's time. no matter how much or hard i bear down i cannot grab the stem with my fingers. the first two times i was able to get it out were by complete surprise. i was on the toilet and i coughed really hard and POP--it just fell out [this was, of course, after being unable to get it out on my own and finally giving up]. i try sticking my fingers inside but i cannot reach the rim [even after bearing down...i'm starting to hate that term].

so really, i'm at a loss. i know practice makes perfect and perseverance and yadda yadda yadda but, after only 4 tries, i really feel like i have exhausted myself to the point of no return. believe me, i am trying hard to keep hope alive. reading the posts in this community sure is a big help :). i will see what i can do about psych-ing myself up into more cup try-outs.
Tags: divacup, dry run, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, stem length/trimming, teething troubles

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