friend2fuzzies (friend2fuzzies) wrote in menstrual_cups,

DivaCup over Instead for petite women & Q about pain upon removal

I have been wanting to switch to a cup for some time; after all, I am studying to be an environmental biologist.  I saw Instead in the local pharmacy and thought it would be a way to break myself into the concept and get ready for a DIva Cup or the like. Big Mistake! I have a small bone structure, and the Instead is much to large in circumference, and the ring is of very thick plastic - painful to put in! I have my Diva cup in for the first time (I double checked that I have it in correctly) and it is very comfortable.  

However, when I took the Diva Cup out (just making sure that I could) the suction was VERY painful. I feel rather raw down there as it is, and the plastic edge and the suction together make for quite a pinch! ADVICE PLEASE 

Tags: divacup, instead, removal - painful or problems

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