bookworm_chanty (bookworm_chanty) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first timer update

Well, that was disapointing :(

Let me elaborate :) Last night at around 9:45 pm, I inserted the diva cup. I totally felt it pop and my vagina sort of sucked it up faster than my fingers could follow (that was kind of surprising :D). I was confortable even though I could feel it inside. It shifted a little when I moved and there was a little pinching after a while but overall, it was ok.
My sister woke me up at 2:45 am.
I decided to go empty the cup since I was up anyway. I was terribly disapointed to see that there had been some serious leakage. I had to change all my clothes in the middle of the night >.< I emptied the cup (which was only half-way full) and decided to give it another go. Insertion was more difficult (well, I was half-asleep...). Again, my vagina sucked it up. This morning, same thing. Leakage. Luckily I had put on a pad this time. Plus, it pinched me pretty badly.

What am I doing wrong? :S I really want to love this product but it's not making it easy...
Tags: seal & suction
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