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babywipes for cleaning

Okay, I looked in the memories and didn't find it so if it's there please direct me to it and I'll go on and delete this posting.

To clean a cup while out-and-about can be odd, yes? I've read about people just dumping their cup and then putting it back in and about putting some tissue in there to wipe it out and then putting it back in. I was thinking--what about using babywipes to wipe it out? They're easy to keep in a purse (and I always have my purse with me) and when unable to get to some soap & water it seems like a decent idea.
Do people do this?
I mean, use babywipes to wipe it out? If someone does, does it cause any more of a mess?
Are there any certain kind of wipe to look for? With alcohol or without? I figure unscented would be best. Ideas?
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