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Another first time Diva :)

So, my university's been doing this promotional thing where they sell Divacups on campus at the student association federation counter. I had friends online who raved about so I went and bought one. This was last week. I did a couple of trial runs but none were very satisfactory. The stem poked me, it protruded, I cut it and inserted the cup higher but it poked me from inside. I cut it some more. I had a hard time inserting the cup high enough because of the suction. Removing it was never a problem although it was a bit painful a couple of times. I was getting frustrated. It left me quite sore. There was even some blood.

I admit I considered giving it up and sticking to what works. The pads.

I got my period today and I figured I'd give it another chance, trial by fire if you will. I had a hard time inserting it, I tried the origami fold since C, 7 and Punchdown weren't very helpful during the dry runs. Squatting seems to be the easiest position for me. Even so, I had to try two times. The second time, I managed to get it in but it didn't seem to be unfolding very well. I had to prod it. There was a suction sounds but I'm not sure the seal formed. The cup doesn't feel "round" it feels like it does when it's not inserted. You know, like it can be folded. In no way rigid. Is this how it's supposed to feel? Or is it supposed to reassume it's unfolded shape and keep the vaginal walls slightly stretched out of the way? I'm not sure if I'm expressing myself clearly enough...

OTOH, I can't feel it and above all, there is no painful poking or itching! That's very nice.
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