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amusing diva cup adventures

backstory: so i've had my diva for about 6 or 7 months...and i love it. eventually i've turned my roommate onto it, and she bought one about a month and a half ago. since then we constantly talk to all our housemates (25 other members of the co-ed honors house at my school), focusing specifically on our close girlfriends. i basically evangelize and try to convert them every chance i get. i'm getting close with one girl, rachel!

anyway, so last night, being the wiley underage college girl that i am, i obtained some liquor and we proceeded to surreptitiously get sloshed in my dorm room in the "cave" under our lofted beds. ashley had the brilliant idea to do shots of jack daniels out of (what else?!) our diva cups! it was so hilarious when we busted them out and started filling them with booze and shooting whiskey like it was perfectly normal. at first our friends were kind of weirded out, but we reassured them that we keep our cups very clean, blah blah.

the good part was that it gave us a terrific opportunity to give everyone present a demo of how they work. ash demonstrated the c-fold and i showed them the punchdown fold. : ) the weird part was when the cups got passed around so people could feel them. oh well, i'll just wash it really well before i get my period again. i guess everyone's inhibitions dropped, which was very apparent once ashley started suctioning the cup to her face. before we knew it, she had stuck her diva in her mouth, pursing her lips into a makeshift vagina and showing us all how it worked. i discovered that it's fun to put the cup in your mouth and blow until it pops out.

goodness gracious we are weirdos. oh well! i will post pictures that my friend took when she sends them to me. hope i didn't freak anyone out.

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