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Hello ladies! I promise this isnt one of those "omg am I normal/dying/an alien???" questions, but I've been wondering how varied the consistency of menstrual blood is among women. I've only been able to notice stuff like this since I started using a cup, and it's kinda piqued my natural curiosity I guess.

I've found that mine is extremely thick: there's always a long, thick, stretchy strand of it that I have to "cut" with my fingers every time I remove my diva, and I have to flip the cup upside down and shake it a bit before it kind of oozes out. On the other hand, I've read posts on here that make it sound more 'watery' with perhaps some tissue. I just can't imagine mine 'splashing' or even 'spilling.' Could it be related to how much water I'd had that day? I'll admit that I'm not usually very good at drinking enough. Maybe I just produce more mucous stuff that mixes with the blood?

I hope this lj-cut thing works, I'm such a noob..

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