Amy (amythegoof) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first cup use with IUD

Ok ladies, I know this has been discussed to death, but I would really like to get back onto my menstrual cup (a diva). This upcoming period will be my third cycle since getting my copper IUD (inserted Jan 29/07) and I miss my cup (I've been using cloth pads) I'm just nervous about the strings and stuff, so...

Before I got my IUD, I would try to slip my finger up to the lip of the cup to break the seal and pull it out that way, but I could never get my finger up high enough! I always had to just pinch the bottom and wiggle and the seal would break once it was like completely out of my vagina. Do you think this is too risky with the IUD, or am I over thinking it?

Edit to add: I never really felt a suction feeling when removing the cup, like when I did remove it before the IUD, it just kind of slid out and I pulled slowly and it didn't seem like it would be strong enough to pull anything out with it...but I don't know

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